baptism by sweat

Well... what more can i say. You look outside your window. It is raining sun out here. You feel the heat. your mind is racing. You can almost hear it panting thoughts. You start to sweat... Welcome to Chennai!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Woohoo! My first podcast!!

And the winner is...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

left handed compliment.

On july 21st i decided to celebrate left handers day! Although i am right handed, i decided to join my laevo brothers as an act of solidarity. So i started by giving my left hand the day off.

And boy did i miss it... For starters taking a shower was very difficult. the soap kept slipping and i felt i couldn't do justice to my right armpit. just didn't feel clean enough.

then came the pants. it took me a long time before i could finally slip into one and put the belt on. Meanwhile my left hand just hung there grinning...

While driving manual shifting was a friggin nightmare. try driving in just one gear. And the stares i got. not to mention the swears.

Finally i broke down around noon. my left hand came back and wiped my tears...

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Look ma! Jack-fruit!

Finally the funny sight of last week. George Bush lifting a jackfruit. All 12 lbs of it. I mean i loved the way the AP government had organized a grand tour of "Sania Mirza" country.

A couple of ladies tugging hard at a manual loom and then a walk down to a big-assed curly horned buffalo whose teats have been freshly oiled for Bush's yanking pleasure. And finally to a table filled with the fruits of AP; which included the jackfruit.

Who comes up with such a display itenerary? the party secretary's long suffering multi-talented home-maker? or one of those party goons who has recently been promoted?

Fascinating stuff.

Friday, March 03, 2006

The phone rings at 7:30 this morning... Saturday morning. the one after Friday night.

It was my landlord. "We tried calling you all evening. Where were you?" Apparently he tried my landline and it had been disconnected. So he was all discombulated.

Maybe is was BSNL. Don't even get me started on those bunch of plier happy nincompoops who idea of customer service ends with dotty old pre-menepausal women screaming into the phone. Or a meaningless recorded message informing us of nothing!

Maybe it was me. Whose idea of bill payments is a variation of the "lazy fetch" operation

Anyway he woke me up.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Dogs of war?

Just read that Bush arrived in india with an entourage that would make anybody take notice and yelp. An entorage of 60 dogs. Yup.

I wonder... Now do these "agent brownies" need to be taken around? fed some local bird-flu screened chicken, a walk around Kutb while they relieve themselves, perhaps even some local lassies to entertain them late into the night after a hard day of sniffing? I really wonder...